• Hyper Engineering Sure Start

Electronic Software-Driven Soft Starters

Hyper Engineering designs, manufactures, and exports electronic software-driven soft starters.

The single phase soft starter provides a dramatic reduction in start-up current, typically up to 70%, but still provides full start-up torque for compressors and motors. This will eliminate light flicker, reduce start-up noise, and extend the life of the motor or compressor. Single phase soft starters are suitable for 1.75 to 7 horse power (hp) motors in the 220/230V models and are suitable between 0.75 to 1.75 hp for the 115V models. Plus, all single phase models work in both 60Hz and 50Hz applications.


  • Reduces in-rush current

  • Eliminates light flicker

  • Easy Retrofit

  • Helps protect sensitive electronics

  • Helps stabilize utility grid voltage

  • Reduces compressor and mounting stress

  • Reduces compressor start-up noise

  • Protects compressor motor from stalling at low voltages

  • Provides compressor reversal protection

Industry Applications

  • HVAC

  • Marine

  • Solar Power

  • Irrigation/Submersible Pumps

  • RV/Truck

  • Generators